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    Join a vibrant group of tennis players.

These are exciting times to be a junior tennis player.

American tennis is a wide open field and so much potential is there in our young players. We want to make available to all of them the tools necessary to help them succeed. We started this website because we have junior players of our own and thought that something needed to be done to build a place where the young tennis community could organize its efforts, communicate with one another, and use mobile tools that would bring more fun to the sport.

Our passion is Tennis and we know yours is too. So JuniorTennis.com, a community of junior players, parents, coaches and academies provides search capabilities to find the best training facilities and coaches. It also provides professionals the ability to get their programs in front of parents. For the first time the comprehensive ability to organize your tennis development can be found in one place. Our goal is to grow the game, provide access to resources and make the task of guiding and developing your junior player easier.

In the coming months PlayersAgainstCheating.com, and the ACE app (a mobile app in development for junior players) will be introduced alongside juniortennis.com. These features will help the game be more enjoyable and exciting. We also look forward to opening the website up to companies that provide products and services to the tennis industry and allowing regional and local brick and mortar stores to announce their offerings. We will need sponsors to keep the website open to everyone. We hope you understand this. Advertising will be done in a seamless way to prevent creating a nuisance as you navigate and use the websites services.

For all of us here at Junior Tennis honor, integrity, and commitment guide us. As we grow we will listen to players, parents, coaches, academies, stores and companies to try and shape Junior Tennis into a service we all can enjoy. You can leave a message here if you have comments or suggested improvements, but please know that this is a process. Throughout 2015 and 2016 we will improve the site and introduce services like the ACE app. We ask for patience and any help you can provide.

You can find us in many places on the web both through our social media pages and our websites. These are listed below. So from us to you we wish above all that your juniors have the time of their lives as they train and compete. Eat plenty of ice cream after the matches win or lose. Tell your juniors that you love to watch them play. And juniors keep your cool. Don’t let them see you sweat. And, realize it’s a process. Most of the great players in the world today were not number 1’s when they were your age. So, there’s plenty of time to improve and it will come in due course. Be patient with yourself.



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