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    No matter where you go, Junior Tennis helps you stay competitive.


Parents and Junior Tennis Players

  • Players and Parents have access to coaches and academies both local and nationally. This is as easy as doing a typical search either by zip code or state.
  • Parents are able to see in a single place the strengths and weaknesses of academies and coaches. Decision making is easier.
  • Players and parents will benefit from articles and videos discussing the latest in technique, development, physical fitness, recovery, and diet.
  • Parents and players have access to our mobile App called “ACE” providing a fun and useful tool to Announce events to fans and family and Connect socially giving them the opportunity to follow your progress and comment on your success. ACE will also give the coach and player the ability to Evaluate progress both in practice and tournaments. That’s the ACE app in a nut shell.
  • The website allows players to create profile pages which will journal your progress.

Academies and Coaches

  • Academies have access to the largest database of players and parents looking for the best fit for their kids.
  • Academies offer their latest training opportunities on their own profile page (e.g., www.juniortennis.com/noquittennisacademy) to highlight what they can bring to a young juniors development.
  • The ability to change on daily and weekly bases your home page at no cost. What you wish to highlight you can do by administrating your own pages. Our tools allow you to seamlessly promote your academy.
  • Academies can build a list of articles and teaching sessions on line creating a presence on the internet that will get high rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Back pages associated with a strong domain name like JuniorTennis.com maximizes your visibility on the web.
  • Clubs can get their message to new families looking for a facility to join.
  • Coaches will gain new insights into the latest teaching techniques and methodologies.

ACE App Coming in the fall of 2015

  • Players can connect to fans that want follow them. Anyone can be your fan: other players, friends, family, and even pros around the world.
  • Fans are able to leave encouraging comments (we call these comments “Applause”).
  • Coaches are able to take notes associated with each game in a match or simple notes at the end of each match or tournament.
  • Players and coaches can keep notes on practice sessions throughout the week and then gage how that week’s training worked during that weekend’s tournament.
  • Players have a central location for all their tournaments both past, present and future and the notes recorded for these events will remain archived for future reference.
  • A calendar system allows parents to pull resources and save money.
  • Players can find hitting partners at their next event.

Benefits to Local Stores and National Companies Coming Soon

  • Local tennis shops can offer their products, newest arrivals, and items on sale.
  • National tennis industries will offer their latest products or services improving their ability to get the word out to the people who care the most about their offerings.
  • This ability for stores and companies that serve the tennis industry is a version 2 slated for development in the fall of 2015. Please check back with us or call us at 901-550-0744 if you have questions or would like to line up your participation early.

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